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Are you looking for Frisco Websites or Short Story Marketing?

We've been Frisco Websites for over a decade and we still are, but since 2013, our sign out front says Short Story Marketing, and we are only updating our new website these days.

Kim Green and Bill Sholar at Frisco Websites

Why the change?

  • We moved. After nearly a decade, we moved from our Frisco offices back in 2013. We now have an office in Virginia and two other Texas locations.
  • Beyond Frisco: With clients in 25 US states and a half dozen overseas countries, it seemed to be about time to adopt a "brand" that doesn't tie us to the city where we started... but we're still fond of Frisco!
  • More than websites: Logos, business cards, sign and banner design, social media, search optimization, lead generation, and more.

Want more business?

We send out occasional tips for getting more business through your online and offline marketing efforts. Sign up and succeed!
Head on over to our new site and let us know you want these tips.

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