If only people knew how awesome you actually are...

If there’s ever a place to blow your own horn, it’s on your website. You need to convince your visitors that they’ve come to the right place. If you don’t tell your customers how great you are, who will? Kim and Bill will.

Some folks just aren’t used to bragging. They don’t like to talk about themselves. It’s not a natural expression for them.

The agony of writer's blockNot so for Kim and Bill. They have no problem bragging about you or your company. They’re happy to tell your customers that you’ve got the best widgets in town.

If you are so busy raking in the money from your business that you don't have time to write up something, let them help. (They can help rake, but you probably want them to help write.)

If your subject matter is so dense that they can’t understand it, they have a team of writers they can call on to create copy for your site. They’ll come up with a strategy that matches your words to your design, even if they have to call in a team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to do so.

Everybody knows that SMEs mean business, even if everybody doesn’t know what a SME actually is. SME sounds like a secret society and in a way, it is. A SME is a walking, talking knowledge pool.

If you have your own SME and have content ready to go, that’s even better. We’ll look it over, proofread it, offer any advice and publish it to your site. An edit by a third party frequently catches errors in syntax, meaning or grammar that were previously unseen.

Kim and Bill will give your content a good home with a loving host and plenty of room to play.

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