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If your website is starting to get a significant number of visits from smartphones, it's time to think about providing a better view to those visitors than just a tiny version of your website.

Website viewed on a computerBut keeping up with one website is enough for most people -- you probably aren't too eager to maintain two or three (or more) separate sites, nor pay for separate hosting for such sites.

The solution: A single website, with different presentations depending on the size of the display.

(Techies refer to this as a "responsive" website.)

It used to be you had to get an "app" for that...
but that was in the "old days"

Many people aren't aware of the difference, and the lines are blurring as smartphones get smarter. They can look and function almost identically on a smartphone. Website viewed on tablet or smartphone

However the modern technology that allows one website to be presented in different formats on different devices also brings a number of benefits when compared to "apps".

For a few examples, unlike an app, your "responsive" site...

  • is automatically and instantly updated when you update your website
  • can be published for all to see without requiring review and approval by the app store
  • is immediately available to any device that can browse the web, without logging in somewhere and having to download anything
  • is compatible across devices, with no need for separate versions for iPhone, Android, etc.
  • is always presented as the latest version to your users, with no need for them to log in and get the updates
  • can be found using normal search engines, rather than being restricted to manufacturer-specific app stores
  • can be readily communicated to others via email, social media, QR code, etc.
  • shares the web address with your primary website
  • will cost a lot less than making multiple sites for multiple layouts, and a lot less than an app

(There are some firms that sell separate mobile sites and call them apps. If your visitors have to log in to the "app store" to download it, it's an app. If they can get to it by going to something like, then it is not.)

Think a responsive site might be for you? Contact us or your web firm.


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