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Don't pay for it when you can get it for free!

Interested in being at the top of Google when your local customers search for what you offer?

Here, we typed "home cleaning frisco" into Google, and were presented with listings with a map, labeled "Local business results," showing nearby services.

Google's local search results -- which happen automatically when Google detects that people are searching for something in a specific geographical area -- will display the closest matches on a map on the first page, before even the top-ranked "organic" search results.

Where do they get these matches?  Google gathers all sorts of information to populate this portion of their search results, and they may already have your business listed. Business owners can also list their businesses.

Whether you are listed or not, go to Google's local business update page and add or update your information. There, you will be able to add your contact and business details, links to your website, a description, images, videos, key words, categories in which you want to be listed, and much more.

You will have to do this yourself, because Google will "robo-call" your listed phone number to verify it is really you making the updates, but it is easy.

The best part?  It's free! No need to pay anyone, since all you do is fill out a form, and you are done.


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