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Writing your website text

While it’s true that a picture may be worth a thousand words, your website can’t be only graphics. You need the right well-written text to deliver your message.

In fact, the best looking site won’t be the best-performing site on the web, unless you have solid content that reaches your audience and propels them to action.

You want your site to entertain or educate, but not at the cost of sales.

Here are several tips that will punch up your text, making it easier to read and understand.

  • Rather than writing in long paragraphs, use bulleted lists. Visitors to your site may get put off by the sight of long paragraphs, and they won't read them. The only person likely to wade through a white paper on your background is your mom.
  • Keep each topic focused. It’s better to have one page on shipping and one on receiving than a combined page on shipping and receiving. That way, your visitors can read the only the parts they need. (It is better for your search engine results, too.)
  • Use subheads. Subheads make the text look nicer and give it a more organized feel. Readers can go right to the part that interests them.
  • Avoid bragging or hyperbole. Save that for the ads. Your website should be an objective take on your services. Make it a gentle read.
  • English 101, or hire a ghostwriter?Don’t try to "stuff" your content with keywords. Search engines are too sophisticated to fall for that old trick. It’s better for you to have well-written content that delivers to your audience. That way your visitors will get your message completely, and take action.

If you don’t feel qualified or don't have time, hire a pro--like ours. We have a ghostwriter in captivity who is ready to write some great content for your website. And if you need a newsletter, press release or blog article, our writer will compose it quickly and well.

It can be humorous, instructional or informative. You can have one article written or one every week or month. The more work we give this guy, the less noise he makes.

Hiring a professional writer is a good idea if you don’t feel like dusting off the old English 101 textbook, or you'd rather be on the golf course in the little free time you have.

But whether you write your own content or hire a ghostwriter, follow the above steps to make your website more readable, more persuasive and more frequently read.


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