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Imaginary friends don't make you more popular

You need friends, followers, prospects, and even interested strangers to "like" you, to "share" what you say, and to "follow" your activity on your website, in social media links to your website, and in your blog!  Read more

Just when you thought you had figured out how Google operates... they are changing the rules

Google is about to roll out one of the biggest group of changes in its history -- and it will affect how millions of websites show up in Google search results.   Read more

Let your fans vote for you!

Google has recently started testing a way for their users to vote for search results they like, either from the search results page or from the page itself.    Read more

Don't pay for it when you can get it for free!

Interested in being at the top of Google when your local customers search for what you offer?  Read more

Without good content, don't bother with SEO

There was a time when filling your website’s pages with relevant keywords and incorporating a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) tricks would all but ensure you would rank high in search engine results. There were plenty of SEO tricks back then, and many proved to be highly effective. But, as they say, all good (or maybe not so good) things eventually come to an end.   Read more

An old wives' tale that just won't die

We get asked repeatedly about adding "meta tags" to websites, usually the "keywords" meta tag.  Read more

Google -- who cares about the rest?

We get asked occasionally about optimizing for Yahoo, Bing, and others, rather than Google.   Read more

We all scan the headlines... so does Google!

The purpose of search engine optimization is to get traffic to your pages, but your site must be written and formatted for those who visit.   Read more

Same behavior, different results?

Someone defined "insanity" as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. If you try that in Google, you might actually get those different results - but don't worry, it's not you!  Read more

The Title Tells It All!

In website terminology, the "title" is the text that appears at the very top of your browser window when you visit a web page, such as the white text in the blue Internet Explorer window shown here. In tabbed browsers, the page title also appears in the tab.  Read more


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