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Does Google like you?

Google announced earlier this year that if your site wasn't optimized for mobile, starting in mid-April, they were going to downgrade your site when people search for your category on their smartphones. (See our blog post on this topic.)  Now, a few months later, what has happened?    Read more

Well, is it friendly, or not?

Did your web firm tell you that your site was "mobile-friendly", but now you find you need to update it to keep Google happy?   Read more

Google finally listens to us!

Well, maybe they thought of it on their own. You just never know.   Read more

Can you spare a dime?

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Pollack, and was cropped to fit. See you remember when you carried several dimes or quarters, just in case you needed to make a phone call?   Read more

Your website on the go!

If your website is starting to get a significant number of visits from smartphones, it's time to think about providing a better view to those visitors than just a tiny version of your website.  Read more


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