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Even more signs a website is overdue for an update

  1. More than 10 pages, but no Search
  2. Built using software not designed for making websites
  3. Most links simply say "click here"
  4. Attachments can't be displayed for users who don't own Microsoft Word
  5. The published email contact doesn't use the business domain name
  6. There is a screen-grab of a MapQuest or Google map on your site
  7. Every title on every page says the same thing
  8. and don't result in the same page
  9. Won't display correctly on an iPad or iPhone
  10. Garish colors and irrelevant animation
  11. Customers have to register before they can buy anything
  12. Visitors have to look on a separate page to find out the phone number
  13. It takes 5-6 clicks to reach some pages
  14. Website traffic and analysis isn't readily available to the site owner
  15. The blog is at a different website like
  16. Designed for the business owner, not the customers and prospects
  17. The business doesn't even have a website
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15 MORE signs a website is overdue for an update

  1. Talking characters walking around the screen
  2. Uses fonts not commonly installed on most computers
  3. Online sales send customers' credit card info by email
  4. Links to other sites that no longer work
  5. The site navigation is hidden in ways that people can't see what is offered
  6. Visitors have to use an external service to sign up for the newsletter
  7. Out-of-date information
  8. The site uses "frames" and the site URL never changes
  9. Much of the text on the site is in an image
  10. Web forms ask more questions than are absolutely critical
  11. Built using web design software not even made anymore
  12. It takes more than 3-4 seconds on the home page to figure out what the business does
  13. The site is all or mostly done with Flash
  14. The site was last updated in 2006
  15. Justified text
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15 signs a website is overdue for an update

  1. Designed for 800x600 screens, popular in the late 1990s...
  2. Only the web developer can make changes or add a page to the website.
  3. The title bar for the home page says "Untitled Document"
  4. Built using cheap web page design software not compatible with modern browsers
  5. Visitors can't sign up for a newsletter on the website
  6. A splash page that people have to wait through or click to bypass
  7. Blinking or moving text
  8. Pop up windows
  9. Intro text saying "Welcome to our website"
  10. Music that starts by itself
  11. The "free" software used to make the site function keeps requiring changes and plugins
  12. The kid who built the website can't be located
  13. Has hidden text to try and fool Google
  14. The technical stuff was obviously done by an artist
  15. The graphics stuff was obviously done by a techie
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