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SEO Lessons from a Business Coach

"I'm just looking." How many times have you said that to the sales clerk who approaches you when you enter a store?

Well, most of your website visitors are "just looking" too.  Most will walk out without becoming your customer.


Many are in the wrong place and don't want or need what you have to offer, are just curious, or are doing research. A few are your competitors, watching what you are doing.

(We're only talking about likely legitimate visitors here, not the "visits" that seem to come from strange sources, often "robot" programs hitting thousands of sites per minute for who-knows-what reason…)

2% Average*

If you are one of those "average" people with 2.54 children, you are 5'10" (male) or 5'4½" tall (female), etc., then

  • probably 20 visitors in 500 (4%) are really prospects to become your customers, i.e., they came to your website with the intention of getting what you offer, and
  • you will probably get only half of those as customers…

That's 10 new customers for every 500 legitimate website visitors who hit the web page where you make your offer.

How do you improve results?

Many will focus on increasing that 500, through "shotgun approach" advertising, broad SEO efforts, etc.

But what about those 10 visitors who walked in your door, wanting and needing what you offer, who walked away?

Rather than spending time and money on increasing traffic, where the best you can expect is that 96-98% will go towards visitors who will never spend money with you, focus on those things that will bring in more of those 10 prospects you are losing.

The Business Coach says:   "Improve what you offer, and how you present it, and your efforts will be rewarded many times over."

We'll discuss some of the improvements we have heard from the Business Coach in our next few articles.


*—A 2% "conversion rate" is a commonly discussed average. But just as nearly everyone who enters a neighborhood grocery store buys something, while only a small percentage of those walking into an art gallery in a tourist area will pick up a painting, your website's mileage too will vary. 


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