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Scams that look like invoices

Since domain name registration information is easily found, it's a rich source of targets for a scam that we see almost daily.

domain solicitation exampleThe scam is an invoice for renewing your domain name... or that's what it looks like without close study. The fine print generally says it is a solicitation, for something you really don't want.

Sorry to report, some clients have lost money when they didn't look closely. 

These arrive both by USPS and by email.

These seem to usually show up around 3-4 months before your domain is due for renewal - timed to get your money before you have already taken care of the real invoice. 

These deceptive practices are illegal, and governments worldwide have played "Whac-a-Mole" trying to shut down such companies nearly since day 1 of the Internet, but they keep reappearing.

Wikipedia lists some of these efforts - the companies involved show up over and over again.

Your real domain renewal notice will come from your website provider or from the domain registrar where you purchased the domain name, and it will usually arrive around 3-4 weeks before the domain expires.

If in doubt, check with your website firm.


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