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McKinney Gym Equipment

To accompany the opening of a new business, McKinney Gym Equipment had us design and set up a new website to display and sell his products.  Read more

Frisco Bar Association

The Frisco Bar Association's website includes a list of all its members, as well as a facility for visitors to the website to find members of the Frisco Bar Association who specialize in specific areas of the law.  Read more

Make it love at first sight

Make a great first impression, and you'll get the benefit of the doubt next time. Make a poor first impression, and it takes an awful lot of positive experiences to turn it around. (Now there's a blinding flash of the obvious!) Not surprisingly, this works with websites as well. What is quite surprising is just how quickly people get these first impressions when it's a website. Psychology researchers at Carleton University (Ottawa) followed the standard approach in researching such things.  Read more


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