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Must. Get. More. Traffic!

We get asked almost every day about websites and getting more traffic via Google etc. Sometimes, that might not be the right question.

What a classy shoe store!You have a friend who is selling shoes. Maybe once in a while he will sell something else, but mainly shoes.

He'd really like more sales, and asks your help. You visit and look around.

After studying things quite a bit, you learn that thousands and thousands of people in your local area go looking for shoes every week.

But only about 300 of them find their way to his front door, and only about 6 a week buy shoes from him.

Study the photos and think about the details...

Should your friend…

  • Put up a big billboard to get more people to drive to his store?
  • Run radio and TV ads to get people to go there?
  • Send direct mail to thousands of people advertising the store?

What would your advice be?


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