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Converting visitors to buyers

Getting website visitors to actually do something

We talked earlier about how ineffective it is to get someone to come visit, and then make them do detective work to find what they are looking for. 

Any link to your site from any other site on the Internet should point directly to a custom page -- these are called landing pages.

Why is this important?

Your advertising Return on Investment (ROI) will be highest if you deliver exactly what was promised in the topic of the link when someone clicks on those external links.

It's not enough to merely lure people to your home page through pay-per-click ads, e-mail campaigns, social media marketing or ads on TV, radio or print. What are they supposed to do when they get there? Start searching?

No, you want them to take action.

A landing page should result in new customers. It should provoke action from the visitor, such as giving their contact data, having them sign up for a special offer or encouraging them to make a purchase. 

To maximize your landing page's effectiveness, follow these tips.

  • Use an obvious call to action. Don't make visitors read several pages of text. Keep it simple. Use large type with clear instructions. Put the directions in a box with lots of white space around it. Use graphics to direct attention to your call to action. Be sure to detail what will happen when they fill out your form.
  • Don't mince words. Say what you mean. If you're having a sale on glass widgets, use a headline like "Huge Savings on Glass Widgets!" Use a subhead to further support the headline like "Lowest prices on glass widgets in the USA!" Then briefly explain the sale.
  • Don't give the visitor too many options. Don't put links to other sites or other offers, and minimize the links to other pages on your own site. Concentrate on the main offer. After the visitor acts on your offer, then forward them back to your website so they can completely check out your site. Limit any distractions on your page. Dedicate your landing page to your call to action.
  • Don't overwhelm the visitor with too many words or images. Keep images small so they load quickly. Don't advertise or self-promote on your landing page--only use text that encourages action on their part. Reduce the distractions as much as possible.
  • Be sure your landing page says what the prospects are expecting. Don't bait and switch. If you lured them there with an ad for glass widgets, don't try to get them to buy stainless steel widgets instead.
  • Add reviews or recommendations that will make your clients feel secure when they respond to your call to action. If you are associated with any well-known organizations or companies, use their logos to create trust.
  • Implement a tie-in with social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. These sites can increase the number of visitors exponentially. (Here is how we suggest you do this...)
  • Keep your forms short and simple. Don't ask for anything you'd be reluctant to offer to a stranger. If you're making a sale, emphasize that your site is safe and you use encrypted data transfer. Add a feeling of urgency to the offer. Don't forget to offer a guarantee of satisfaction so visitors feel safe spending their money.

The main thing to remember is that people will be more likely to follow through on your offer if your landing page makes it easy for them. The fewer hoops they have to jump through, the more people will jump.



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