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Just when you thought you had figured out how Google operates... they are changing the rules

Google is about to roll out one of the biggest group of changes in its history -- and it will affect how millions of websites show up in Google search results.

(If you want to impress people at the next networking meeting, just tell them you are preparing for Google's plans to incorporate semantic search algorithms in the very near future.)

In short, Google will be trying to answer the user's questions in the same way a human might -- understanding that informative pages that address the topic are far more valuable to the searcher than a page full of keywords.

Here is the short version about how to prepare for the new search engine changes:

  1. Don’t dwell on keywords. Google’s next algorithms will not concentrate on keywords, but on the meaning of those words. That means you can use synonyms instead of the same old dreary, overused keywords. That will make your website more enjoyable to read. It won’t seem as redundant. People won’t cringe every time they see an overused keyword, and you won't need to try and cover every separate entry in the thesaurus.
  2. Set up an FAQ page. Google says their new system will place more importance on finding answers to specific questions. By setting up a FAQ page, your content will naturally address the questions you include, and thus contain exactly what Google is looking for to satisfy users seeking info on related topics.
  3. Use your website to inform, not sell. With Google seeking to provide informative responses, pages written to educate your potential customers will score higher than pages written to push products and services.

Get the idea? Put yourself in the mindset that someone just asked you about (insert likely search phrase here), and then write your pages and FAQs the same way you would answer that person.

These changes will benefit those that switch to the new style of thinking quickly. The sooner you get your house in order, the sooner the changes will pay off for you.

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