The Short Story

Just answer the question!

Imagine you pick up the phone, call the listed phone number, and ask to order the "special" being advertised.

Where is the answer?

From the other end of the line, you hear a salesman rattle on about the history of the company, how great the team is, that they are members of the association of blah blah blah blah blah blah...

You have certainly tuned out by now, and only politeness keeps you from hanging up without another word.

Imagine you are the business owner, and hear your sales people turning away business that way? (And you pay them to do that?!)

Chances are, that's exactly what you are doing with the most promising visitors to your website!

Say what?

Someone who has never heard of you, but is looking for exactly what you offer, hears about you from some source of their own. Maybe it is Facebook, a professional association website, a Google ad, or the website of a related business.

They click on the link... and see all that blah blah blah blah blah blah.

You have just wasted all the effort in getting those links and building those pages.

Instead, try this...

Every link to your website that you control should point directly to a custom page that talks directly to the topic of the link.

  • If the link is on the site of one of your suppliers, the page should talk about how you do what you do, with that supplier's products.
  • If the link is about you as a supplier of widget adjustments, have it go to a page about your widget adjustment services.
  • If it is a link from the Chamber of Commerce, let the page talk about specials you provide for Chamber members.

You get the idea. When someone clicks on a link and goes to your website, their first reaction should be, "This is exactly what I was looking for!"

And it's really easy...

If you are using our Online Business Partner® service, just log in and find the current page on your site that most closely matches the interests of those prospects who would likely click to get more information, then select "Copy This Web Page". On the copy, revise the title, headlines, and text to focus precisely on the topic. Save this new page, and provide the link to it to those who will be linking back to your site. Repeat as necessary for other topics and link sources. (No need to add this new page to your navigation menu if you don't want. The automatic sitemap updates will inform search engines of your new page.)


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