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Most people think hackers deliberately seek out websites to "go after", and in some cases that is true. But the vast majority are automated attacks, attempting to hack many sites per second. Sometimes, the computer programs that scour the Internet looking for targets are installed by a virus, on the computers or websites of unsuspecting owners.

Do you slow down and look at traffic accidents? Below, you can watch hacking attempts occur in real time.

Norse is a St. Louis-based security firm that helps major firms deal with Internet threats. They created a global network of "honey pots" -- Internet connected applications that appear to be vulnerable targets. 

Then they just wait for the hacker computer programs to find and attack these targets.   When their system detects a hacking attempt, it determines the source of the attack through its IP address (sort of like the caller id of the Internet), and feed the info into a real time map.

Below you can see what is happening in the "hackerverse" as you are reading this. (You'll likely see a focus at St. Louis; since that is Norse's headquarters, they probably have a lot more of their "honey pots" there, and thus attract a lot more attacks.)


Here is a link to the live map.


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