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Friends don't spam friends

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the benefits of writing something interesting to your customers and then using social media such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter to alert your customers and friends, and their networks, to your new interesting information.

Getting spammedThe key word is "interesting."
Think WIIFM.

If you broadcast something via email or social media that your audience finds useful, then your message will be welcome.

If you aren't sure, measure your response.

If you send something with a coupon or special offer, are a reasonable number of coupons being redeemed?

If you send a teaser to a blog post containing a useful tip, do you see a reasonable amount of new traffic to your blog post?

If you just send news, a thought to ponder, event reminders, or even just something that makes your current and future customers laugh, do you get positive feedback?

If you send occasional messages informing your audience about a new offering, that's fine too.

But if all you send are messages saying little more than "hey look at me" then you are spamming. 

If no one says they are glad you sent those messages (and you really wouldn't expect them to), we suggest you are sending the wrong messages.    

Spamming your customers and prospects will only get you blocked, "unfriended," or at best ignored.


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