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You finally have a well-designed, professional website that really showcases the capabilities of your business. The business blog on your site is full of interesting, informative material. You are getting a lot of traffic and people are spending time looking around. But all of this isn't generating quite the results you hoped for.

Make sure your website is really working for you!What's missing? It's the follow-up.

After everything you have done to get the website the way you want it, and to get people to visit your site, the last thing you want is for them to leave without some way for you to keep in touch with them.

If they took the time to find and look at your website, they have an interest in what you have to offer — but it's pretty common that people do their research in advance, before they are ready to spend their money.

So even if they decide then and there to do business with you when the time comes, unless they remember your website address, they may never find their way back to you.

The solution? Follow up with them.

Collect their email address, and stay in touch by providing more of what they found interesting on your website, so they remember you.

Of course, most people won't just give you their email address merely because you ask. Offer them something of value in return. Perhaps an email newsletter with important information they need, money-saving coupons, or special offers. All they need to do to receive this money saving information is enter their name and e-mail.

Once a visitor leaves your website, they're gone, often forever. Capturing the visitor's name and email address lets you turn these anonymous visitors into contacts, and then you can follow up to turn those contacts into customers.

When you follow-up, monitor which of your visitors click on which links, and what actions they take on your website, so you can see which visitors are the most likely prospects (and also fine-tune the messages you send).

If you are using our standard Online Business Partner® service, this is all built in to your service.


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