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As predicted, Google gets cranky

We concluded our blog post on July 6 with the caution that "Google can get pretty cranky when you try to trick them" and included a link to a CNN article from a few years ago where it was reported that Google delisted websites owned by the auto manufacturer BMW for attempting to manipulate Google results.

Barely two weeks later, it strikes here in Frisco.

It seems that a perhaps less-than-reputable "search engine optimization" company visited and told a website owner they could hide key words by putting them in white text on a white background, and Google would index the words and thus garner additional search engine results for the extra key words.

Next thing you know, an email from Google shows up...

Sure enough, a Google search revealed no entries at all for the website, which was previously prominent on the first page of numerous Google searches...

The message

Sites built correctly, with meaningful titles, headlines, and content that addresses the visitors' interests will get good results. 

If you are doing anything to try and "trick" the search engines, it will backfire.

Think about it: Google didn't get to be a $150 billion business without at least enough smarts to detect such tricks.


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