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15 signs a website is overdue for an update

  1. Designed for 800x600 screens, popular in the late 1990s...
  2. Only the web developer can make changes or add a page to the website.
  3. The title bar for the home page says "Untitled Document"
  4. Built using cheap web page design software not compatible with modern browsers
  5. Visitors can't sign up for a newsletter on the website
  6. A splash page that people have to wait through or click to bypass
  7. Blinking or moving text
  8. Pop up windows
  9. Intro text saying "Welcome to our website"
  10. Music that starts by itself
  11. The "free" software used to make the site function keeps requiring changes and plugins
  12. The kid who built the website can't be located
  13. Has hidden text to try and fool Google
  14. The technical stuff was obviously done by an artist
  15. The graphics stuff was obviously done by a techie
Stay tuned -- more to come!


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