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Does Google like you?

Google announced earlier this year that if your site wasn't optimized for mobile, starting in mid-April, they were going to downgrade your site when people search for your category on their smartphones. (See our blog post on this topic.)  Now, a few months later, what has happened?    Read more

It won't happen to MY site...

Most people think hackers deliberately seek out websites to "go after", and in some cases that is true. But the vast majority are automated attacks, attempting to hack many sites per second. Sometimes, the computer programs that scour the Internet looking for targets are installed by a virus, on the computers or websites of unsuspecting owners.

Do you slow down and look at traffic accidents? Below, you can watch hacking attempts occur in real time.  Read more

Well, is it friendly, or not?

Did your web firm tell you that your site was "mobile-friendly", but now you find you need to update it to keep Google happy?   Read more

WordPress vulnerabilities prompts FBI alert

Unlike those scam emails we all get, this alert from the FBI is right off the government website. Their headline was "ISIL Defacements Exploiting WordPress Vulnerabilities" and was in response to numerous reports of WordPress sites hacked by ISIS. (Google the underlined phrase to see countless such reports.)  Read more

Spirit of a Hero

We had the opportunity last November to help this organization improve their website design, internet appearance, promote donations and the organization.   Read more

Google finally listens to us!

Well, maybe they thought of it on their own. You just never know.   Read more

Scams that look like invoices

Since domain name registration information is easily found, it's a rich source of targets for a scam that we see almost daily.
  Read more

I was just looking at your website... yeah, right!

If you have a website, you probably get emails at least weekly, usually from a free email address like hotmail, about getting better placement on Google.   Read more

SEO Lessons from a Business Coach

"I'm just looking." How many times have you said that to the sales clerk who approaches you when you enter a store?   Read more

What Shakespeare teaches about writing for your website

Getting well-placed on Google has gotten easier than ever – despite what you might think after reading all those spam emails you get from strangers purporting to know the secret tricks…  Read more


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