The Website Process, through our intern's eyes

It starts with design...

I thought, "get a bunch of pretty pictures, make them fit around the words... that's all, right?"

Oh, no! There's much more.

The design stuff -- What Kim does

Next, it's the programming...

You just grab some free hobbyist web software and plug it together (and then update the "free" web software at the client's expense every 4-8 weeks when hackers break into the previous version)...NOT!

The programming -- What Bill does

The website needs to "live" somewhere

In the old days, the only practical option for hosting was to rent disk space on a server somewhere. Back then, Kim & Bill had a whole bunch of servers. They tell me that most of their income was from renting that server space ($), writing pretty much every bit of the programming from scratch ($$$) and making minor wording changes to clients' sites ($$$$).

Profitable, but  b - o - r - i - n - g !  Fortunately for us and you, sanity (and capitalism) came to the web hosting world.

Hosting your website

The really important stuff... what I do

Yeah, the design grabs their attention, and the programming makes it work, but what about the message? The products? The story?

When we have a new website project, I spend much of my day adding text, images, links, pages, and so forth.

Changing the layout, and other stuff our clients usually don't do

After your site is live

It's really important to keep the website updated, and to regularly add to it. This makes Google happy! Many of our clients also use their built-in newsletter feature to stay in touch with their customers and prospects.

I handle these things for a bunch of our clients who are too busy and want us to take care of it. If you want us to do that for you, talk to the boss about having us be your webmaster. I could really use the job security!

(The tutorials are good and the system is easy, but I do these things dozens of times a week, so I am a lot faster than someone who has to do a refresher each time. Just sayin'!)

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