"It's not fair," Bill complains...

Let's face it. Awesome designs look, well, awesome. But Kim has it so easy... All she has to do is make some pretty picture - she probably traces it - and everybody goes gaga.

But Bill has to make it work, not just look pretty. Association websites where members can have and edit their own pages. Charity sites that take online contributions. Local directories. Whatever is needed.

If the website doesn't do what it needs to do, what good is it?

"Anyone can pound a keyboard," Kim says.

Whoo hoo, so people can look up dealer locations, website owners can set up events where their customers can sign up online, photographers can update galleries, or store owners can create catalogs and products quickly and sell their stuff online. Big deal.

Bill thinks those things really matter? Hah! It's the first impression that counts.

Miss out on that, and all the geeky tricks in the world are useless!


Stop fighting, kids. Don't make me stop this car!

When pressed, Bill reluctantly acknowledges that the pretty picture gets the attention, and Kim grudgingly admits what goes on behind the scenes, while more subtle, is also important. (But she glares at Bill and mutters under her breath, "it's no wonder he can do all those things given all the capabilities of our Online Business Partner. But it takes talent to create beauty!")

New samples coming for 2015...


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