Kim Green - The Short Partner

Kim Green
I make it look great!

Bill Sholar - The Old Partner

Bill Sholar
I make it work great!

Taylor Davis-Green - The Intern

Taylor Davis-Green
I do all the grunt work!

The whole is worth more than the sum of the parts

Kim Green and Bill Sholar met as competitors in 2003, in Frisco Texas, when a mutual friend was convinced that each had a lot to offer the other, and bullied them into sitting down over coffee.

Frisco Websites was a finalist for Frisco's Small Business of the Year for 2008

It proved to be a match made in heaven Starbucks!

They teamed up as "Frisco Websites" back then, and added the name "Short Story Marketing" as they grew way beyond Frisco and way beyond websites. (Now they can bully each other — no need to depend on others for that!)

The locals always know the best restaurants website teams

Kim and Bill were honored to be selected to redesign the website for the chamber of commerce of Frisco (the fastest growing city in the United States at the time).

The city's mayor chose them to build the website for his annual fundraiser. Numerous other local organizations followed suit over the years.

In fact, when one of their clients moved from Texas to Cabo San Lucas and started a new business, he flew Kim and Bill there when he needed their services. He wasn’t willing to trust his web site to anyone else, for any price.

(Kim's parents have also flown her in for the holidays years back, but that’s not the same.)

Kim has single-handedly begun a trend of less-than-tall designers who overcompensate by being very creative.

Just because she's un-tall doesn't mean Kim's bio deserves a short scan. She graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, where she gained recognition for her ideas and her ability to bring them to life.

After winning the printing industry's best of class award for her design work, Kim tired of the corporate world, and started her own technology business, which morphed into a graphic design business, and then morphed into the design side of Frisco Websites, which has since morphed into Short Story Marketing. (As you can see, lots of morphing goes on when you're around Kim.)


Bill is walking proof that good things come in old packages. The more experience a programmer has, the faster your site will be returning your investment. Bill is so old, you'll be making money faster than you can plug in your mouse.

It takes longer to read Bill's bio, mostly because he's older.

Bill worked in Army intelligence back in the Vietnam era., and later started working with the Internet ten years before the Internet was even called the Internet.

(Back then, they called it "Fred" or sometimes "Come On", depending on how things were working.)

Bill was among the first to offer website services. His first client was Wheels R Us.

After his years of service, he began developing custom software, starting with satellite tracking and radar signal analysis programs in the 1970s. One of his original sites, FireCalc® (a unique retirement planning calculator), has been repeatedly cited in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the Dallas Morning News, among many others. Bill's website, hosting, and Internet marketing company later merged with Kim's design business to form their current partnership.


When her social college schedule permits, you'll often find Taylor in our McKinney office.

Her duties include putting things in neat rows, pounding her computer's mouse to get the PC to do what she wants, and representing our business at local networking events (as long as food is involved).

Oh yeah?:P 

Nope, they aren't married (well, not to each other). They just work great together.

(Brother and sister maybe? Two unrelated people just can't squabble that much and still work so well together!)



Kim studies the ambiance of our client's location (strictly so she could develop a suitable website design for the business, of course).


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